How did that spot get there? That is often a common question among hotels, businesses & homeowners when a spot or stain is noticed upon their pristine and beautiful carpet. Sometimes you know how or when it happens, other times it is a mystery. They can happen simply by carrying bleach or bleach based products and dropping it at the most catastrophic time, over spraying cleaners, attempting to clean a stain with the wrong cleaner, or too harsh of a cleaner, or a number of other ways. Spilling bleach on the carpet is a devastating event that causes waves of emotions; anger with a string of profanities, sadness with a plethora of tears and defeat.

Carpet and upholstery is used in various types of automobiles which are exposed to a number of different types of contaminates. Many people own boats, RVs, and personal vehicles where the upholstery and carpet gets dirty, faded and stained. The average motorist and boat enthusiast aren’t the only ones who battle with maintaining a clean interior but so do commercial owners, vehicle rental companies as well as limo and luxury transportation services also have struggle to maintain their automobile interiors.


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